Setup for Functional Prototyping on OSX

1. Open Terminal.
2. Install Ruby:
3. Install Homebrew:
4. Install node.js by running the command: brew install node
5. install coffee script: npm install -g coffee-script
6. Install grunt.js: npm install -g grunt-cli
7. Make sure your Dropbox is synced
8. Open Terminal  and navigate to ‘Source’ in your dropbox and run: npm init
9. install these packages:
npm install grunt-contrib-sass –save-dev
npm install grunt-contrib-watch –save-dev
npm install grunt-autoprefixer –save-dev
10. Install git:
11. Install Jekyll:  sudo gem install jekyll -v 2.5.3
12. Running Jekyll:
13. Install Sublime text:
14. Install SourceTree: SourceTree (commit using SourceTree)
15. Add to Keychain Access
16. push changes to github using terminal (from the source dir) by running command: git push master

Interactive Advertising Resources

Designers and creative technologists should take note of a few great resources I’ve learned about in the past few years.

The most important is the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The IAB provides advertising professionals a way of determining what technologies to use for deliverables like banner ads, micro-sites and other marketing techniques.

Then there’s the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C standardizes technology and helps to align different platforms by creating and approving drafts to be adopted as the point of record.

Along with the W3C and IAB there’s the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). The IAB, W3C and the WHATWG often collaborate, determining the delta of front-end technology like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other components like Adobe Flash. In short, they help to make tools available for us to be creative. There are many other groups, but I tend to gravitate toward these three for currents the most.

While working through problems I often use these indispensable knowledge bases:

Here are some tools for Open Source Software Development (OSS) to get you started:

Here are some good Responsive Web Design (RWD), data-binding, and other goodies:

Two CSS compilers:

Here are some compact JavaScript frameworks:

Like Compilers and strong typing? Try one of these JavaScript alts:

Here are some Content Management System (CMS) choices for MySQL and PHPMyAdmin/PHP, templating nerds:

Here are some good test guys:

A couple good code sharing services for debugging:

Debugging scary things:


There are a lot of choices out there, for instance… I’ve been working a lot with MVC .Net to use and deploy all the above (with the exception of the CMS choices), so remember to explore and have fun!

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