Wireframing A Website


What is a wireframe?

A Wireframe is a visual representation of content layout in the application.

Developer Perspective
Wireframes help developers visualize the entire product in a non-opinionated way.

Client / Business Perspective
Wireframes are an initial-stage deliverable that ensures both parties agree on the UX.

What are the benefits of wireframing?

Designers / Developers Perspective
Wireframes may inspire the designer, resulting in a more fluid creative process.
Wireframes give the developer a clear picture of the elements that they will need to code.

Client / Business Perspective
Wireframes provide the client an early, close-up view of the application (or a chance to get it re-designed).
Wireframes clarify any misunderstandings in the requirements


Storyboarding Short Videos for Microsoft


Anyone considering making videos for Microsoft should take note of a few things I’ve learned. It’s good to be prepared to wait patiently as the stakeholders make revisions, meet legal requirements and give other feedback regarding design, audience and the message. The paradox is that as one waits for these crucial bits of information it’s important to keep moving the project along. The way I manage to do this is with the help of “For Placement Only” assets that I manipulate using Adobe After Effects, creating iterative versions of the video. The most important deliverable turns out to be a detailed storyboard representing the final product. This not only breathes life into sometimes banal scripts, it fosters buy-in from the client. The average amount of revisions for the entire storyboard seemed to be around ten. Where the average amount of revisions to the video should be about half of that of the storyboard, but not nearly as broad. It’s easier to make changes to a drawing than a video.