Setup for Functional Prototyping on OSX

1. Open Terminal.
2. Install Ruby:
3. Install Homebrew:
4. Install node.js by running the command: brew install node
5. install coffee script: npm install -g coffee-script
6. Install grunt.js: npm install -g grunt-cli
7. Make sure your Dropbox is synced
8. Open Terminal  and navigate to ‘Source’ in your dropbox and run: npm init
9. install these packages:
npm install grunt-contrib-sass –save-dev
npm install grunt-contrib-watch –save-dev
npm install grunt-autoprefixer –save-dev
10. Install git:
11. Install Jekyll:  sudo gem install jekyll -v 2.5.3
12. Running Jekyll:
13. Install Sublime text:
14. Install SourceTree: SourceTree (commit using SourceTree)
15. Add to Keychain Access
16. push changes to github using terminal (from the source dir) by running command: git push master